Comprehensive Resource Modeling for Trauma.

CRM is a new neurobiological based approach to trauma recovery with Comprehensive Resource Modeling clearing problems on a deep level with traumatic experiences and other issues. This approach weds the best of a number of therapeutic approaches to assist clients in the gentle resolution of long term issues, patterns and difficulties. CRM appeared on the front cover of Newsweek April 4/09/2017.
I am finding my clients are responding very well to this approach and like the fact that they develop skills they can use on their own successfully.
The individual history of trauma and other disruptive experiences is stored in the memory and the body. This approach builds resources to srengthen and support the neurological and emotional system while addressing the experiences that provided disruption.
The approach is also excellent for dealing with injuries, illness and other issues.
Clients will find that fears and concerns that they had before therapy no longer exist as they step into the their lives being fully present.
One of the most important aspects of this therapy is the ability to address your fears and release them giving you greater ability to respond spontaneously to your life.